Grazing Brome - Gala (55# bag)

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 Gala Grazing Brome is a drought-tolerant, winter-active perennial bunchgrass for soil rejuvenation and grazing. Slow to establish, Gala is a low-growing, shade-tolerant grass that thrives in sandy soils and is palatable for all livestock. It boasts being endophyte-free, densely tillered, deep-rooted growth and rapid regrowth, making it an ideal choice for regular grazing. The dense, fine-tillered growth ensures persistence under harsher climatic and grazing conditions - a versatile species for use on free-draining soils in areas with summer-dry conditions.


  • Shade and drought tolerant
  • Palatable and safe for all livestock
  • Continues to perform under heavy grazing or poor management
  • Versatile and adaptable in many conditions
  • Rapid regrowth

Seeding Specifications:

  • Seeding Rate: 25-30 lbs./acre
  • Seeding Rate in Mix: 10-12 lbs./acre
  • Planting Depth: 1/4 in. to 1/2 in.