Alfalfa Hay & Pasture
Alfalfa Hay & Pasture

Alfalfa Hay & Pasture

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    A dependable alfalfa-based pasture mix that is well suited for a variety of soil conditions. This mix serves as an excellent choice for a multiple year hay and pasture mix.


  • High Yielding
  • Excellent Regrowth
  • Strong adaptability with tolerance to wetland and dryland conditions
  • Traditional mix of alfalfa, clover and timothy

Mix Specifications:

  • Timothy: 15%
  • Alfalfa: 70%
  • Red Clover: 15%

Seeding Information:

  • Seed Rate/New Seeding: 18-20
  • Seed Rate/Overseed: 10-20
  • Planting Depth: no more than 1/2 in.

*Packaging comes in 25 lb bags.